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Episode #022 – Bob Ford

We got to sit down and talk with PGA Head Professional Bob Ford who most would consider “The Ultimate Golf Professional”. Bob is the Head Professional at both Oakmont & Seminole golf clubs, he is in the PGA Golf Professional Hall of Fame, 1985 & 1997 Merchandiser of the Year, 1987 PGA Golf Professional of the Year and stick on the course. His 3 US Opens, and 10 PGA Championship speak for themselves – we were honored to be able and discuss some topics with him.

  • Advice for young professionals
  • Playing days and t-26th finish in a US Open
  • Not insulting the King
  • Involvement in AMF
  • Retirement and his “post-golf” goals

Episode #021 – Shawn Rogers

We talk with the CEO and Founder of Pukka Headwear – Shawn Rogers. Shawn shares his story and love of entrepreneurship with us- taking us way back to the beginning of how he launched the most successful headwear company in golf.

Shawn has some brilliant insights into running your business, connecting with the customer and making sure you have a solid reliable team.

Episode #020 – Julie Chang

We talk with business strategist and media genius Julie Chang about the changing face of golf course marketing. This is an awesome discussion about really brining your business up to speed with the digital world and all the new exciting opportunities there are to reach your customers.

Episode #015 – Michael Doctor

We sit down and talk with 2013 PGA Professional of the year Michael Doctor from Skaneateles Country Club in Skaneateles, N.Y. Michael shares some great stories with us about how he got started in the business, what has made him successful and where he believes the business is going.

Michael continues to improve and adjust to the environment around him, and he shares many of his thoughts about growing your own business.

Episode #014 – Ted Bishop

We talk with PGA of America President Ted Bishop about his career path, what the PAT taught him, the state of the game, the new Task force,, and some hot-button topics in golf including:

  • Get Golf Ready
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Task Force
  • Ban on Anchoring
  • Alternate set of rules

Episode #013 – Rob Stocke

In this episode we sit down with Rob Stocke, PGA Professional and Director of Instruction at the Golf Club of Georgia.

We talk about:

  • New technologies in teaching
  • The business of golf instruction
  • Launch monitors and the MATT Room
  • Learning while playing vs. too much instruction

Rob made a really great video that went viral (and we reference in the Podcast) – check it out here:

Brendon Elliott

Episode #011 – Brendon Elliott

In this episode, we sit down with PGA Professional, Brendon Elliott. Brendon started the Little Linksters Foundation – a junior golf foundation that provides golf instruction and tournaments in a safe and fun atmosphere. Brendon has utilized his networking skills to grow his foundation though such celebrities as Annika Sorenstam and Paula Creamer.

We talk about:

  • Using social media to grow your business
  • Building relationships and networking
  • How Brendon approaches teaching juniors
  • Starting your own business
  • The future of the social web

Episode #010 – Chip Beck

In this episode we chat with Mr. 59 himself, Chip Beck. Chip is currently playing on the Champions Tour and working with his wife on a training aid that launched in 2012 at the PGA Merchandise Show.

We talk with Chip about:

  • Business Startups
  • The Power of Twitter
  • Using YouTube (tip: use a microphone to film golf tips!)
  • Branded Academies & Newsletters
  • How Chip Uses Flightscope & Trackman
  • The Impact of Technology on Golf Instruction
  • The Future of Junior Golf
Gary Vaynerchuk

Episode #008 – Gary Vaynerchuk

We talk with the world famous, best selling author and business genius Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary started selling wine with his family business “Discount Liquors” – then changed the name to Wine Library and began his web tv series “Wine Library TV”. Gary launched his social branding consulting firm VaynerMedia in 2009 – to help business grow in this new world.

His NY Times best-selling books “Crush It” (click to view on Amazon or iTunes) & “Thank You Economy” (click to view on Amazon or iTunes) have helped millions of people navigate through this ever changing and evolving world of modern business.

Some of the topics we talk with Gary Vaynerchuk about are:

  • Customer Acquisition & Customer Retention
  • Storytelling
  • Branding Locally & Globally
  • Putting Out Content While Staying Authentic
  • Embracing The Social Aspects of the Web
  • Prioritizing Your Time
  • Paid Social Platforms vs. Free Platforms (Ad-based)
  • Google +
  • Social Media Platforms that Add Value
  • “Saying No”
  • Starting Your Own Business

Make sure to checkout Gary on his website – You can also find him on Twitter (@garyvee) & Facebook (

Episode #006 – With George Kahrhoff

We sit down and talk with PGA Head Professional George Kahrhoff from Castle Pines Country Club. George is the 2012 Merchandiser of the Year for Private Facilites. We talk about many exciting topics such as:

  • Networking
  • Enhancing Your Career in the Golf Business
  • Organizing Staff
  • The Hiring Process
  • Paying Attention to Detail
  • What Has Made Him Successful
  • Planning for the Future
  • The State of the Game

Episode #004 – With Bobby Clampett

Talking with Bobby Clampett about his playing days, his contribution to teaching, how he is on pace to be the first A-3 Master Professional and the current state of the game.

  • Broadcasting Days
  • Style vs. Impact Teaching Styles
  • Social Media
  • Balancing Playing With Other Responsibilities
  • Instagram
  • Moving Forward with Playing
  • Favorite Story

Episode #002 – With Chris Hart

Chris Hart, President & Founder of V1 Sports sits down and talks golf. In this show we cover:

  • The interesting history of V1 Sports
  • How technology should be making golf instruction easy and faster
  • Building relationships with your clients
  • Using mobile phones, tablets, and laptops for golf instruction
  • The importance of instructors having an online presence
  • Being authentic and putting in the work that social media requires